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Summer apero

Updated: Apr 3

The first days of summer have inspired me, as I'm sure many of you, to invite people over for a spontaneous aperitif. Planting the balcony was, of course, at the top of my to-do list.

Petunias, poppies and cherry tree for summer apero
Petunias, poppies and cherry tree

Of course, I sent the invitation with SmartLists. I write the names of the invited people in the list so that everyone who comes to the aperitif can select their name and you can see at a glance who will be there. I used to have to dig through my emails and WhatsApp messages, but now everything is collected in one place. For my guests, the invitation via app is also ideal, because with the invitation link they can also see the location and time of the event or whether they should bring a small snack, for example.

As is typical, a lot had to be done in a short time. Of course, I also created my to-do list with SmartLists. Ideal, because I can edit this list on Apple and Android devices and even on the computer. This is especially handy when two people with an Apple and Samsung phone want to work off the same to-do list. Thanks to good coordination, no more accidentally doing or shopping for the same products twice on the same day.

What took the most time to prepare? My balcony flowers, of course. I had to dig up old daffodil and hyacinth bulbs and prepare them for summer storage. Then it was off to the nursery, and - as befits flower lovers - I came home packed with all sorts of flowers. In addition to gardening, though, I had time to try out a new recipe for arugula breadsticks. In any case, the first summer aperitif this year was a great success.

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