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Why you should gift nail polish for Mother's Day

What are the latest nail polish trends? Especially for those who have never asked themselves this question, here are some tips for the next gift purchase.

Gift for Mother's day, OPI Cajun Shrimp, nail trends for spring 2022
In spring I like to wear OPI "Cajun Shrimp"

It's barely getting warmer and I'm already wearing more colorful colors on my fingernails. Like me, the color taste for clothes, nails and accessories also changes with the seasons for many other people. If I want to be a little more specific about current color trends, I also check out Vogue's website. Last year, at least, they were right with their assumption that yellow and green is worn on many fingernails. Whether this will also be the case this year, I will follow with interests. Vogue as well as numerous blogs that report on nail polish trends usually recommend and link nail polishes that you can then order with one click. That's how easy gift shopping is.

Seasonal trends, of course, also the big nail polish brands OPI and Essie can't get around, which bring out new collections several times a year. Since these colors are always brand new on the market, they are particularly well suited as a gift for birthdays, Mother's Day and Co. because it really can hardly be more current.

I myself orient myself this spring to the colors of the tulips and paint my nails in the classic and often highly praised coral "Cajun Shrimp" from OPI. This color between red, orange and pink finally heralds the spring 2022.

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