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How to create an interactive video

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

The other day I asked myself, "Isn't it boring just to watch videos? Shouldn't it be possible to involve viewers more than in a normal video?" Looking for an easy-to-understand program to create more engaging videos, I discovered Eko Studio.

create interactive videos with eko studio
Examples of interactive videos

Actually, I wanted to prepare the lessons for the new school year. During a surf break, I came across the website of Eko Studio. Eko creates videos in which the website visitors make interactive decisions. That sounds great, but like a lot of effort. Nevertheless, I immediately started to create an interactive video and soon realized that the site works relatively intuitively. What was also unusual was that I was able to create the video without any tutorial from YouTube. Only when inserting the video into this blogpost I encountered minor difficulties. But now that I know how to embed the link from Eko Studio to this blogpost, this should not be a problem in the future.

I encourage everyone who wants to create a different kind of video to give Eko Studio a try. Sure, as a free program it has less possibilities than other programs, but for a first insight into the world of interactive videos I do recommend Eko Stuido.

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